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Head of Sales Electrics/Automation Cold Rolling Mills Wiesenstraße 30 57271 Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch Germany Phone : +49 2733 29 1257. Send Mail Birger Altendorf. SMS group Service Cold Rolling Mills Wiesenstraße 30 57271 Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch Germany Phone : +49 2733 29 2938 ...

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Machinery & Equipment / Rolling Mill Equipment / Cold Roll Mills. Have One to Sell? Cold Roll Mills. Manufacturers. Location. Search by Keywords. 4 Results. View All Listings. Sort by. Show/Hide Photos. 11" x 25" x 24" Waterbury-Farrel, 4-High, #64230. TDI Group LLC | Pittsburgh, PA | D ...

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The cold rolling mill adopts the latest advanced international technology. The rolling range is aluminium and alloy of incoming material thickness 5 ~ 10mm and finished product thickness 2 ~ 0.05 mm. This mill has the advanced automatic thickness control system---AGC and perfect flatness control method. This mill can be equipped with the

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Forged Cold Mill Rolls. Xtek is known throughout the North American steel industry as a leading supplier of high quality forged steel work rolls for flat rolling cold tandem and temper mills. Xtek makes rolls in the range of 12″ to 28″ body diameter and 20″ to 100″ body length. Xtek uses only the highest quality vacuum degassed clean ...

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Cold Rolled. It's the part of our Flex Mill® where beauty meets brawn and exceptional surface finish meets high formability. Our range of cold rolled steel products is one of the most extensive in the industry, crafted by steel technicians who understand the science – and the art – of steelmaking. Reducing our hot rolled coils through ...

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Innovative technologies. One of the most outstanding products in the ANDRITZ Metals portfolio is its patented S6-high rolling mill. This mill is increasingly used for stainless steel strip rolling, either as in-line tandem mill for cold rolling or in the entry section of hot-strip stainless steel annealing and pickling lines to roll black hot strip with highest pass reductions and simultaneous ...

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Cold Mill De-Chocker. De-chockers support mill back-up or work rolls on the O.D. or at the neck of the roll. Bearing chock support stands are raised to support the roll chocks allowing removal of the retaining rings and bearing containment components. Once disassembled the bearing chocks are separated from the roll journals.

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Cold rolling oil Base oil (hydrodynamic lubrication) Additives Novelis patented technology for water‐based roll cooling Process Metal temperature Metal thickness Coolant Lubricant Hot rolling 300‐500C 2‐500mm Water Mineral oil Emulsion Mineral oil Cold rolling 20‐200C <0.1‐4mm Oil Emulsion Water Realtive Cooling Effect

Cold Rolled Annealed Steel California, USA

Cold Rolled. Rolled in our exceptional five-stand, six-high cold mill and annealed on our state-of-the-art continuous annealing facility UPI Cold Rolled Annealed has exceptionally tight gauge and shape performance, superior mechanical properties, and top-of-the-line surface quality.

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Cold Rolled Steel- flat, round, square Boise Steel Supply


Making the cold rolling mill the central decision point will significantly lessen the chances that this investment is wasted. Another reason why quality control at the cold mill is important is the speed of the process. If a high-speed mill . develops a repeating defect, it may produce several coils

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8 FH-11. 3% Cr Steel. Tandem Mill Work Roll. Reversing Mill Work Roll. Skinpass Mill Work …

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As a world leader with more than 80 references over 60 years, our DMS 20Hi cold rolling mills go beyond expectations to process stainless or silicon steels with ultimate surface quality standards. We're also proud to announce a world first - a GIGA steel mill for ultra-advanced high-strength steel for the automotive industry. Now available with a roll change robot.

What is "Cold Rolling" Stainless Steel and Other Metals ...

Cold rolling is a work hardening process used to change the structure of metals and is often used to process stainless steel. Cold rolled stainless steel as a raw material has a wide variety of applications in medical, aerospace and automotive engineering.

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John G. Lenard, in Primer on Flat Rolling (Second Edition), 2014 7.17 Reduction of Local Buckles. Even though the cold mill itself may cause local buckles, the majority of the local buckles are caused by the feed stock from the hot mill (Melfo et al., 2006). Therefore, proper monitoring of the hot band profile and mechanical properties will be the first choice to reduce local buckles.


cold strip mill table of contents cold rolling mills table of contents annealing & galvanizing 3 7 7 1 6 6 3 more flat spray nozzles: see sections b and c more full cone nozzles: see sections b and c flat spray nozzles h-dt, h-du, h-u, h-vv, h-vvl and u veejet® nozzles 18897, fsun-s and 20799 dovetail spray tips tpu, 13802 and 14784 unijet ...

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Widest Cold Rolling Mill for automotive steel in India. First Continuous Annealing Line India. State-of-the-art continuous galvanizing line with dual pot system for GI & GA production. Higher Strength (up to TS 980MPa) & SEDDQ grade, which cannot be produced by current Indian facilities. Seamless automatic material storage, tracking, retrieval ...

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Cold Rolling Mills The evolution of rolling mills has accelerated as the speed of processors and digital controls have grown by orders of magnitude. The capital cost in a rolling mill is substantial and investors understand that in order to achieve the maximum ROI and shortest payback time, the mill needs to produce high quality sheet at the ...

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The Xtek Pinch Roll is known for its "pickup free" performance and is in use in hot mills worldwide. Forged Cold Mill Rolls Pinch Rolls Edger Rolls Leveler Rolls Specialty Rolls Roll Repair For hot strip mill Edger applications, Xtek developed another special steel grade with superior resistance to the thermal fatigue and firecracking so ...


2. hot rolled 4. cold rolled 7. hot dipped 10.galvalume 12. 55% aluminum-zinc 14. electrolytic 16. general pricing extras & notes - sheet 17. processed products 20. sheet products claims policy 24. tin mill products 27. tin mill products etcs 29. general pricing extras & notes - …

Rolling Mill Production Line: What Is Cold Rolling Mill?

The cold rolling mills use the motor to drag the reinforcement, and the load-bearing roll and working roll of the cold rolling mill jointly apply the force to the two surfaces of the reinforcement. By changing the gap between the two rolls, the purpose of rolling cold-rolled ribbed bars with different diameters is realized.

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Cold Rolled Steels can be joined using accepted welding practices. SURFACE FINISH Cold Rolled Steels are manufactured with a matte finish obtained by rolling with specially roughened rolls on the cold mill and the temper mill. This finish helps to maintain effective lubrication during metal forming and improves the appearance of painted surfaces.

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Used 15.5" United 4-Hi Cold Rolling Mill for Steel: RM-450. Manufacturer: United; 15" cold mill for steel / very nice mill !!! Manufacturer - United Engineering / new 1950's - Upgrades in 1995 = revamped, new thyristor drives, new hydraulic screwdowns, and new AGC Status - Installed, under p...

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SMS group offers various cold roll mill technologies for copper, steel and aluminum like tandem cold mill, 18 HS mill, reversing mill, skin pass mill, single stand cold mill…

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Cold rolling is used to reduce the temperature of the material being worked with while also increase how hard and strong the material gets during the rolling mill process. During this process, the overall finish and granule structure of the material is is made more pure and workable.


The most common configuration is the single reversing mill. Various mill designs are offered that include 6-high UCMs (Universal Crown Control Mill), ZR mills and 12-high cold-rolling mills with small-diameter work rolls for the efficient rolling of materials of high hardness.

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Rolled Metal Characteristics • Residual stresses • Dimensional tolerances for cold-rolled sheet thicknesses +/- 0.1 mm to 0.35 mm (0.004 to 0.014 inch) • Flatness tolerances to within +/- 15 mm/m (3/16 inch/foot) for cold rolling, +/- 55 mm/m (5/8 inch/foot) for hot rolling • Hot rolling and sand casting produce similar ranges for

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Reasons for Mill Roll Cracks. Owing to the high wear resistance and minimal plastic deformation of the cold mill roll, it is required that the surface of the cold mill roll have higher hardness and thicker hardening layer.The material of cold roll is 9Cr2Mo. The surface hardness of HS96 is obtained by surface quenching and tempering.

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Roll Cooling Our experts can help you improve roll cooling consistency and identify / solve related problems quickly in your cold rolling mill. We provide products and services to …

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China Cold Rolling Mill Suppliers and Manufacturers Cold . Please rest assured to buy cold rolling mill made in China with attractive price from our factory Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co,Ltd cold rolled ribbed bar Production line Cold Rolled Ribbed Bar Machine cold rolling mill Flat steel mill Stirrup bending machine Sraightening and cutting machine steel wire machine; Gongyi Jindi ...

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A Cold Mill rolls coils of pickled steel from the pickle line at ambient temperature, using coolant oil. The cold mill produces steel and stainless steel and is also used for aluminum, aluminum foil, and copper. There are several types of mills such as 2-High, 4-High, 6-High, 12-High, 20-High, and Sendzimir Mills that have a variety of types of flatness control operations.

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Extensive range This market segment covers forged Work Rolls and Intermediate Rolls for use in Wide Cold Strip Mills of 2-high, 4-high, or 6-high types, including reversing Reduction Mills, Tandem Mills, Double Reduction Mills, and Temper/Skin Pass Mills. Our Rolls can be supplied in a number of grades to suit various applications, materials, and rolling conditions.

What is Cold Rolling? (with picture)

Cold rolling can be used to change the gauge of steel sheet metal. Cold rolling is a process used in manufacturing and finishing environments to change the thickness, or gauge, of metals or glass. Used mostly in steel mills, cold rolling involves threading flattened steel into a machine that advances the material through a set of rolls.

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