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Based on our testing, s can reduce the amount of space aluminum cans take up by 45-75%. Put another way, s can reduce a can from about 23.3 cubic inches to an average of either 10.398 cubic inches (for the Easy Pull) or an average of 5.66 cubic inches (for the Basic Industries Multi Crush).

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A home built mechanical , #6 with plans to make five more by years end.Thanks to Birk Petersen and Projects in Metal Magazine.

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Dual action mechanical with the power feed unit found in the Machinist Workshop Aug 1999

Mechanical s - YouTube

All the diffrent types of crushers I have built

A Fully Automatic Electric | Hackaday

[All Things Electro-Mechanical] thinks so anyway, for he has created an automatic that is a joy to behold. At its heart is a 120V AC powered linear …

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A mechanical tin is basically one of the most aid able machines. It helps to reduce the pollute environment of this world. Thus helps create a better place to live in. apart from that, this can actually be the future mode of recycle part from the recycle bins.

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Never use a on steel food cans. Most are designed exclusively for thin aluminum cans, so trying to crush steel cans might damage your device and void any warranty. Check to see if your can crush plastic bottles. A number of s are able to handle plastic water bottles – another space hog in the recycling bin.

Mechanical - YouTube

My i build. I didnt have the plans for this, but i saw a video in here and figured it out :)

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